Enman is a design and engineering consulting firm specialising in all computer science fields based in Vendôme in France.

The services and expertise delivered by Enman to its clients are various and on the cutting edge of technology used today in industry. Enman designs and implements computer technologies to be ahead of time.

If you are looking after a team in computer programming or if you need any help conceiving your software projects, Enman delivers high quality work fullfilling your needs.

Enman supplies software solutions on general platforms (Linux®, Microsoft® Windows, Apple® Mac OS X), mobile devices (BlackBerry®, Apple® iOS) and game consoles (PlayStation®). Enman delivers software solutions on any server platform as well.

We invite you to visit the web site to know Enman better and we are here to help and answer all your questions. You can contact us by phone +33 or by email.