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Our clients

Since 2011, Enman conceives software solutions and applications for companies specialised in various fields of activity :

  • Research

  • Industry

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  • Embedded

  • Video games

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  • Enman collaborates with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe on projects running on PlayStation® video game consoles in regard to videos services design and development such as Vidzone, MUBI, BBC iPlayer, LOVEFiLM, QuickFlix, Viaplay, Maxdome.
    Enman also provides software solutions integrated within any type of projects related to Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe needs related to secure data and medias.

  • Enman delivers PC based software solutions in relation to video streaming playback.

  • Enman collaborates with Alliance Bio Expertise on micro-biology computing projects to give a visual control of the process to operators using user interface with high hardware and environment constraints.

  • Enman collaborates with WS Telecom on software and hardware solutions upgrade specific to their applications execution environment. In a quickly manner, Enman has been able to provide a replacement to their device authentication driver for Windows XP on the most recent Windows systems.

  • Enman works with PGA Avionic on cinematographic protected content playback projects using digital rights management technologies for smart TVs, seats embedded screens or mobile devices within private planes.

  • Enman collaborates with Red Bee Media on projects targeting connected TV sets and mobile devices to deliver video streaming applications using different content catalogues for different services.

  • Enman works with Mg Ingénierie on the design of computing embedded systems ease of use, within an industrial environment where a high level of responsiveness is required.

  • Enman collaborates with the a urban communities of Vendome to fulfill their needs in migrating, deploying and securing servers on different technologies (mail, web, DNS...).

  • Enman works with Correlane Technologie in relation with the maintenance and the design of embedded systems used to collect data related to a geographic location with the help of accurate GPS systems.

  • Enman works with Mecachrome to setup and checking signaling systems used to monitor their industrial production process to provide international manufacturers with components.

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Our partners

  • Enman is a Codicem privileged partner. It conceives and develops mobile applications to evaluate environmental risks in relation to a site.

  • Enman is one of AxeLife privileged partner. It is specialised in the medical field since its creation. It conceives and develops medical systems.

  • Enman is one of INNES partner to develop software video playback solutions requiring media protection and for streaming technologies to broadcast the media securely.